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Flickr Pool Updated.

Virtually every Flickr shot of Sailors Cove I shot over the past year is in the Flickr Pool.

WOW! I certainly did a lot to promote that place!

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SurfWidow’s RSX Windsurfer launch event transcript

Below is the partially edited transcript:
Surfwidow Beaumont

[7:51] Surfwidow Beaumont: YAY! (yay!)
[7:51] Liv Leigh: hi surf
[7:51] Hpathe Boucher: great entrance
[7:51] BeeJee Boucher: YAY! (yay!)
[7:51] Surfwidow Beaumont: hehehe
[7:51] Surfwidow Beaumont: i created a group for the board
[7:51] Liv Leigh: i buzzed a bit on bloghud on the opening, so expect the griefer folks πŸ˜›
[7:52] Surfwidow Beaumont: so need race officials for it sooner or later
[7:52] Epicurus Emmons: hee surfy
[7:52] Liv Leigh: well i d like to host races for it.. seems fun
[7:53] Liv Leigh: fu penguin chaos
[7:53] Surfwidow Beaumont: in about 15 mins πŸ™‚
[7:53] Surfwidow Beaumont: just rezzing
[7:53] joepie Korobase: ΓΎhello all πŸ™‚
[7:53] BeeJee Boucher: ooooh the excitment
[7:53] Liv Leigh: ji joepie
[7:53] Epicurus Emmons: hi jp
[7:53] Chaos Mandelbrot: yes
[7:53] Hpathe Boucher: Hi Joe
[7:54] BeeJee Boucher: hi Joepie
[7:54] BennyThe Boozehound: heya Joepie πŸ˜‰
[7:54] Bal Lubitsch: Joepie!! nice to see you again
[7:54] Bal Lubitsch: chaos
[7:54] Bal Lubitsch: you alo
[7:55] Liv Leigh: hot?
[7:55] Liv Leigh: i m freezing
[7:55] Armchair Binder: you make me sizzle, Liv
[7:55] BeeJee Boucher: ????
[7:56] Armchair Binder: LOLOL
[7:56] Liv Leigh: hi epi
[7:56] Epicurus Emmons: hi leigh
[7:57] Surfwidow Beaumont: help yerself to champagne
[7:57] Armchair Binder: While we are waiting here is a good video :
[7:57] joepie Korobase: hoi epi
[7:57] Armchair Binder: it’s short
[7:57] A group member named Izabella Bentham gave you Notecard.
[7:57] BeeJee Boucher: i just wondered how chaos good ever sail the board????????
[7:57] Liv Leigh: i think that s the one i saw already?
[7:57] M1sha Dallin: Hi
[7:58] BeeJee Boucher: hi Misha
[7:58] Liv Leigh: hi m1sha
[7:58] Chaos Mandelbrot: well the harness is customizable
[7:58] BeeJee Boucher: lol
[7:58] Epicurus Emmons: hi m1
[7:58] Hpathe Boucher: that was a sim crossing AC?
[7:58] Hpathe Boucher: in the video?
[7:58] Armchair Binder: haha
[7:58] Armchair Binder: yeah
[7:58] Armchair Binder: awesome video ; LOL
[7:58] Armchair Binder: of windsurfig
[8:00] Orca Flotta shouts: Ahoy everybody!
[8:00] BennyThe Boozehound: hello Orca
[8:00] Liv Leigh: ahoy orca
[8:00] GoSpeed Racer shouts: Ahoy!
[8:00] Millie Thompson: Hello.
[8:00] M1sha Dallin: Hi Orca
[8:00] GoSpeed Racer shouts: EVERYONE, turn on your music stream for a special musical program for today’s launch event
[8:01] joepie Korobase: looks great
[8:01] BennyThe Boozehound: hey there Ms Roussel how are you πŸ˜‰
[8:01] Yuukie Onmura: grey you mea
[8:01] Yuukie Onmura pokes the asset server
[8:01] Millie Thompson: Oooh, GREAT song ^^
[8:01] Armchair Binder: If you just got here; here is a good winsurfing video, very short , while we are waiting :
[8:01] Cameron Roussel: Hey Benney
[8:01] Orca Flotta: oh yes
[8:01] Orca Flotta: seen that
[8:01] GoSpeed Racer shouts: This song is the Sailors Cove theme song…
KONA Radio Plays “Sailing” by Christopher Cross
[8:01] Liv Leigh: hi yuukie
[8:02] Orca Flotta: didn’t know old Robbie is still active …. and doing so well
[8:02] BeeJee Boucher: hi Orca
[8:02] Orca Flotta shuts her trap
[8:02] Timothy Scarborough: ao on
[8:02] Orca Flotta: (muffled) Hi Beej
[8:03] Surfwidow Beaumont: well i guess we can start
[8:03] Liv Leigh: hi hans
[8:03] Surfwidow Beaumont: ok well thanks for coming
[8:03] Hans Zinnemann: Hi Liv
[8:03] SLSF Race Wind Setter shouts: Updated race wind parameters.
[8:03] Surfwidow Beaumont: this is as you can see based on a one design windsurfer used in the olympic games
[8:04] Surfwidow Beaumont: for many years the windsurfers were long and thin
[8:04] Surfwidow Beaumont: some of us remember the mistral IMCO
[8:04] Blood Butuzova: hey joepie we can’t keep meeting like this
[8:04] Ravenalon Coage: gogo go go go
[8:04] Blood Butuzova: noob
[8:05] Epicurus Emmons: sssst
[8:05] joepie Korobase: πŸ™‚
[8:05] Surfwidow Beaumont: in the last few years there has been a global shift in windsufing design – higher volume and stubbier
[8:05] Blood Butuzova: hehe not you joepie ;)))))
[8:05] Surfwidow Beaumont: this is actually how they look in RL πŸ™‚
[8:05] joepie Korobase: oh :/
[8:05] joepie Korobase: πŸ™‚
[8:06] Surfwidow Beaumont: i felt from the first time i entered SL – as my name shows – that windsufing with real winds was needed
[8:06] Orca Flotta: yay
[8:06] Surfwidow Beaumont: adn in the end i thought noone will satisfy this need the way i wanted it
[8:07] Surfwidow Beaumont: i have windsurfed for years and i think – thasnks to extensive testing with armchair that we have the balance right now
[8:07] Kittlyn Cuttita: Hi..
[8:07] Jumpy Broome: I’m here Izabella. Thanks!
[8:07] Surfwidow Beaumont: unlike tako sailing you will notice a few major differences with this board
[8:07] Surfwidow Beaumont: the first is you lean against the wind with the sail
[8:08] Surfwidow Beaumont: the sail is held mostly by harness lines – in this instance purely cosmetic
[8:08] Surfwidow Beaumont: windsurfing sails move very little when planing
[8:09] Surfwidow Beaumont: thats just the way they are all power is created from the COE or center of Effort
The crowd
[8:09] Ravenalon Coage shouts: one questions and sorry but we go to see it on action?
[8:10] Surfwidow Beaumont: so the only way around this was to have a static rig managed via a wind vane and HUD
[8:10] Flight Band: All Go
[8:10] Surfwidow Beaumont: this gives it a raw feeling very elemental
[8:10] Surfwidow Beaumont: no frills
[8:10] Yuukie Onmura: hey abella
[8:10] Surfwidow Beaumont: like the real thing
[8:10] Abella Beck: ooops
[8:10] Surfwidow Beaumont: the second issue was sailor
[8:10] Abella Beck: sorry if I pushed anyone πŸ™‚
[8:11] Chad Sawson tips his hat to Isabella
[8:11] Surfwidow Beaumont: you can change sides using the page up and page down kys
[8:11] j3rry Paine: skip
[8:11] Surfwidow Beaumont: keys*
[8:11] joepie Korobase: hi jz πŸ™‚
[8:11] Avatar frozen.
[8:11] JeanCarlo Kepler: Does it affect the balance ?
[8:11] Surfwidow Beaumont: this at first may seem uneccessary however you will quickly realise the benifits of this
[8:12] Surfwidow Beaumont: no not in this version
[8:12] ameronk Allen: why is the board so wide
[8:12] Surfwidow Beaumont: but
[8:12] Surfwidow Beaumont: this is not to say that shifting sides is not tactical cos it is
[8:13] Surfwidow Beaumont: it is as the original board
[8:13] Surfwidow Beaumont: thats how they look
[8:13] Armchair Binder: the board is wide to be a replica of the actual Olympic version
[8:13] Surfwidow Beaumont: my text may be jumbled – lag sorry about that
[8:13] Hpathe Boucher: Nemme can you move out of my head?
[8:13] ameronk Allen: how is it controlled
[8:13] joepie Korobase: lol
[8:13] Surfwidow Beaumont: shifting sides is important for the following reasons
[8:14] Surfwidow Beaumont: 1. you will be sailing a lot closer than you ever did with a tako
[8:14] Surfwidow Beaumont: and you can tactically move to avoid someone
[8:14] Ophelia Elswit: Hi πŸ™‚
[8:14] life Cabaret: HI
[8:14] Abella Beck: we can ask questions when surf is donw
[8:14] Orca Flotta: Hi Oph
[8:14] Abella Beck: done
[8:14] Surfwidow Beaumont: 2. at the marks a shift can make a lot a difference
[8:15] Surfwidow Beaumont: 3. it makes sense to have the wind behind you leaning aginst the wind
[8:15] Orca Flotta: Hi life
[8:15] Armchair Binder: the controls are similar to Tako; up/down=trim ; left/right=steer ; page up/down=shift yourself from one side to the other
[8:15] Surfwidow Beaumont: if you do not sail in this way you will become confused
[[8:15] Surfwidow Beaumont: there is a little tail sink set when you are off the plan when turning
[8:16] Surfwidow Beaumont: when planing this rises like the real thing
[8:16] Orca Flotta: cool
[8:16] Surfwidow Beaumont: the board and rig are mod
[8:16] Surfwidow Beaumont: i caution aginst changing the sizes of the board and sail texture
[8:16] Surfwidow Beaumont: as this is opne design
[8:17] Orca Flotta: lol
[8:17] Surfwidow Beaumont: you can change the textures of the baord but this has loads of colours built in and color charts are supplied
[8:18] Charlz Price: Surf when will it be available for purchase
[8:18] Surfwidow Beaumont: the sound effects of the board are authentic i even rattle my monofilm sails to get a little rattle when planing
[8:18] Orca Flotta: who’s the manufacturer of board and rigg in RL?
[8:18] Surfwidow Beaumont: just wanted to get and introduction out of the way
[8:18] Fiona Haworth: /hug charlz
[8:18] Surfwidow Beaumont: ok
[8:18] Fiona gives Charlz a big hug.
[8:18] Surfwidow Beaumont: Armchair can field questions about how it sails
[8:19] Surfwidow Beaumont: is he here
[8:19] Johannx Speculaas: hi Chad
[8:19] Armchair Binder: It sails very easily; Easy=Fun
[8:19] Hans Zinnemann shouts: Does it capsize Arm?
[8:19] BeeJee Boucher: lol
[8:19] Fairie McCarey: welcome back Johannx
[8:19] Johannx Speculaas: thansk
[8:19] Armchair Binder: this version does not capsize
[8:19] Abella Beck: I’ve sailed it a little too
[8:19] Surfwidow Beaumont: come up on the stage ARM
[8:19] Abella Beck: I LOVE IT
[8:19] Chad Sawson: Hi Johannx
[8:19] Epicurus Emmons: does is shadow?
[8:19] Surfwidow Beaumont: arm and abella and beejee
[8:19] BeeJee Boucher: i nevber saw a board capsize???
[8:19] Liv Leigh: does a board capsize.. i think people fall off right?
[8:20] Armchair Binder: I have been her crash test dummy ; LOL
[8:20] Liv Leigh: at least..i would
[8:20] BennyThe Boozehound: yea Ive fallen off a few
[8:20] Orca Flotta: oh yes, they can capsize alright BeeJ
[8:20] Surfwidow Beaumont: windsurfers dont capsise you either get catapulted or you drop down into the water
[8:20] BeeJee Boucher: lol
RSX Windsurfer
[8:20] Armchair Binder: No capsize on this version; no explosions either and no beer holder ; LOL
[8:20] BennyThe Boozehound: but never used a harness before
[8:20] Millie Thompson: lol
[8:20] JeanCarlo Kepler: darn
[8:20] Orca Flotta: crap 😦
[8:20] Surfwidow Beaumont: so no point really as most olympic sailors do not fall off πŸ™‚
[8:20] BeeJee Boucher: i can say its fun
[8:20] Hans Zinnemann shouts: Are there any organised races planned?
[8:20] j3rry Paine: NO BEER HOLDER :(((
[8:21] Liv Leigh shouts: PROTEST
[8:21] Armchair Binder: Surfwidow will add extra features depending on the popularity
[8:21] BeeJee Boucher: i even bought my own startline to have racewind
[8:21] Surfwidow Beaumont: wind shodowing is uneccessary
[8:21] Surfwidow Beaumont: as you will discover
[8:21] Liv Leigh: does it have an ashtray?
[8:21] Chaos Mandelbrot: votes for herring holders
[8:21] Yuukie Onmura: lool
[8:21] Surfwidow Beaumont: the proximity of racing is sometimes so tight
[8:21] Orca Flotta: OMG
[8:21] Abella Beck: I would like to point out the handy camera hud she added
[8:21] Armchair Binder: They are aimed at FUN sailing ; not complicated/complex sailing
[8:21] Epicurus Emmons: did you write the sailscript yourself or is it based on tako 2.1?
[8:21] Surfwidow Beaumont: that it could cause more problems than it saolves
[8:22] Abella Beck: allows you to pan around effortlessly
[8:22] Abella Beck: I love it
[8:22] Armchair Binder: they turn very sharp, like the 3.3 tako
[8:22] Surfwidow Beaumont: i based it on the original tako script
[8:22] BeeJee Boucher: can i jump in the futere πŸ˜‰
[8:23] Surfwidow Beaumont: and then rewrote some parts
[8:23] Liv Leigh: jump int he future..? you need a timechanine
[8:23] Liv Leigh: machine
[8:23] Surfwidow Beaumont: that needed changing to make sense
[8:23] Orca Flotta: it’s a racing board, not a wave board Beej
[8:23] Kees Carthage: lol
[8:23] BennyThe Boozehound: or a delorean
[8:23] Kittlyn Cuttita: Can you gybe the land sim?
[8:23] Armchair Binder: you can jump right now Beej ; watch me ; LOL
[8:23] BeeJee Boucher: lol
[8:23] Armchair Binder: Alright!!!!
[8:23] BeeJee Boucher: YAY! (yay!)
[8:23] Hans Zinnemann: YAY! (yay!)
[8:23] Epicurus Emmons: or go to space like the silversurfer?
[8:23] Abella Beck elbows beej
[8:23] Abella Beck: πŸ˜›
[8:23] Liv Leigh: can we try it… i m dying to jump on
[8:24] Surfwidow Beaumont: is there anything you want to know
[8:24] BeeJee Boucher: i protest Abella
[8:24] Hans Zinnemann shouts: Are there races?
[8:24] Abella Beck: haha
[8:24] Charlz Price: when can i purchase one
[8:24] Yuukie Onmura: yep
[8:24] Yuukie Onmura: where’s the vending machine
[8:24] Surfwidow Beaumont: well i have launched a group
[8:24] JeanCarlo Kepler: how much it costs ?
[8:24] Surfwidow Beaumont: i will rez it in a sec
[8:24] Armchair Binder: I like using high winds; they are more fun with higher winds ; around 15-20
[8:24] Abella Beck: $375 I believe
[8:24] Surfwidow Beaumont: RS:X Windsurfing Club
[8:24] BeeJee Boucher: i love 20
[8:24] Orca Flotta: yay
[8:24] Georgina Menges shouts: is there a demo version available
[8:24] Surfwidow Beaumont: it is 375
[8:24] Armchair Binder: I have not crashed on a sim crossing yet with it
[8:24] Yuukie Onmura: gawd yet another group
[8:25] JeanCarlo Kepler: thnks
[8:25] Elisha Paklena: that is not that expensive πŸ™‚
[8:25] Surfwidow Beaumont: this is to maintain the tradition of low cost boats fizz tako etc
[8:25] Abella Beck: Hi Alvargi πŸ™‚
[8:25] Surfwidow Beaumont: the reason it is a little more is because some additional clothing items are supplied
[8:25] Armchair Binder: and more money for beer
[8:25] Alvargi Daniels: Hello
[8:25] BeeJee Boucher: lol
[8:25] Abella Beck: lol Arm
[8:25] Surfwidow Beaumont: and after all we want people to race em
[8:25] Jumpy Broome: Does it have group permissions?
[8:25] Hpathe Boucher: the wide board is good, more room for the cooler
[8:25] Surfwidow Beaumont: well the board is copy mod
[8:25] Elisha Paklena: Is it color customizable??
[8:25] BennyThe Boozehound: more money for beer sounds good, what perms does it have? can you let others sail it as well?
[8:25] Surfwidow Beaumont: you can set your own i guess
[8:26] Armchair Binder: yes, very many colors
[8:26] Surfwidow Beaumont: yes it is color customisable
[8:26] Petra Blachere: hi there
[8:26] Jumpy Broome: Does it have group permissions?
[8:26] Surfwidow Beaumont: VERY MANY colors
[8:26] Abella Beck: all you need is one of those hats that hold the beer and a straw to your mouth πŸ˜›
[8:26] Surfwidow Beaumont: there are images supplied in the pack
[8:26] JeanCarlo Kepler: is it recognized byt the Startilne ?
[8:26] Elisha Paklena: hi petra
[8:26] BennyThe Boozehound: I need one of those Abella
[8:26] Abella Beck: hehe benny
[8:26] Surfwidow Beaumont: one explains about harness adjustment for nebws
[8:26] Surfwidow Beaumont: newbs
[8:27] BeeJee Boucher: please
[8:27] Surfwidow Beaumont: the others are color charts
[8:27] Armchair Binder: yes, the starting line recognized it
[8:27] Surfwidow Beaumont: and the sail ID numbers
[8:27] Surfwidow Beaumont: now this is a bit of an issue atm
[8:27] Surfwidow Beaumont: as i had adopted the fizz registry
[8:28] Orca Flotta: OMG, will we have bricks above our heads?
[8:28] Jumpy Broome: Group permissions?
[8:28] Surfwidow Beaumont: but suggest you use the tako numbers and just add a 0 in fron if you have a similar number to someone else
[8:28] Surfwidow Beaumont: no
[8:28] Surfwidow Beaumont: if you right click the sail to my right
[8:28] Hpathe Boucher: the Fizz is adopting the Tako regitry
[8:28] Surfwidow Beaumont: you will see the number boxes built into the sail
[8:28] joepie Korobase: cool
[8:28] Surfwidow Beaumont: just drag you numbers to those boxes and repeat for each side and thats it
[8:29] Surfwidow Beaumont: id the board as you would normally
[8:29] joepie Korobase: you mentioned updates will they be free?
[8:29] Surfwidow Beaumont: id#000
[8:29] marineblue Allen: Windsurfing
[8:29] Surfwidow Beaumont: thats about it really
M1sha Dillon
[8:29] marineblue Allen: New product
[8:29] Surfwidow Beaumont: read the instructions is my best advice
[8:29] marineblue Allen: It is smart.
[8:29] Chad Sawson: Thanks Surf!
[8:30] You have offered friendship to Athene Cordoso
[8:30] Chaos Mandelbrot: YAY! (yay!)
[8:30] Abella Beck: YAY! (yay!)
[8:30] Hpathe Boucher: WOOOOOT!!!
[8:30] marineblue Allen: ??????
[8:30] marineblue Allen: it is useless — ???
[8:30] Abella Beck: WOOOOOT!!!!
[8:30] marineblue Allen: Does it call?
[8:30] Balthazar Fouroux: WOOOOOT!!!!
[8:30] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!
[8:30] You: WOOOOOT!!!!
[8:30] Abella Beck: lol
[8:30] Timothy Scarborough: WOOOOOT!!!!
[8:30] Abella Beck: WOOOOOT!!!!
[8:30] Orca Flotta: whoohooo
[8:31] Abella Beck: hehe
[8:31] Surfwidow Beaumont: if there are any questions when you test it arm or me or abella or beej will try and answer them
[8:31] aglia Voom: ???????
[8:31] Epicurus Emmons: are updates free?
[8:31] aglia Voom: ????????????ww
[8:31] Orca Flotta bought one
[8:31] Object shouts: Unable to add item!
[8:31] Object shouts: Unable to add item!
[8:31] aglia Voom: ?????????^^
[8:31] Object shouts: Unable to add item!
[8:32] Jumpy Broome: 39 prims?
[8:32] GoSpeed Racer shouts: If you are new to this estate then please look around and explore! We have shops, a theater/park , residential lots for sale and of course the finest sailing in all of SL!
[8:33] You: Zepplin!!!!!!
[8:34] Caf Binder: Surf… i didnt see 2 answers… are updates free? and… 39 prims?
[8:34] Armchair Binder: Again , they are easy to sail, not complex/complicated ; so aimed more for FUN racing
[8:34] joepie Korobase: hey contra
[8:35] Contra Koba: oh comes with gesture too, wow thats alot of stuff in the box nice
[8:35] Contra Koba: hey Joepie πŸ˜‰
[8:35] Charlz Price: WOOOOOT!!!!

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A certain look

A certain look

Sometimes in SL an avatar will strike a pose or give you a look that will make you smile πŸ™‚ . I had such a moment earlier today while chatting with Diana Allandale in her shop in Sailors Cove:

Diana the precious

Sigh, so precious :).


Posted by: GoSpeed Racer | January 5, 2008

Paisley the booze hound

Paisley the booze hound


So I log in today and materialize in my radio studios in Sailors Cove. Chairs rez, walls, pictures, mic, consoles…. wait… what’s this???


OMG! A big mess! A barrel of whiskey, beer mugs, beer cans.Who did this? A closer look reveals some clues:


Aussie beer, who do I know that drinks that? I edit the cans. AHA! Paisley Beebe!!!! That lush! She has a kegger in my studio and I’m not invited. I’ll make her come back and clean this mess up! In the mean time…hmmm, this can isn’t empty…


Good thing I found this before GoSpeed did. She just can’t hold her booze very well. Belccchhh!!!


Posted by: GoSpeed Racer | January 2, 2008

This is why you are safer at a Sailors Cove concert than elsewhere

See my post at my new blog for the full details on how an SC resident got hurt at another venue. Lots of pics!Β 

Posted by: Ravishal | December 27, 2007

Sailing in the waters of Sailors Cove

I completed another video today. This one features GoSpeed sailing a Flying Fizz in the waters of Sailors Cove. I had enough video to fit the background music perfectly. NFL Films has some great tracks that are very adaptable to various film genre.

I’d like to invite everyone to submit to us your videos of Sailors Cove. Sailing, Dancing, partying, whatever the event in Sailors Cove. Send us your links to Youtube or other videoΒ  hosting sites. These are preferred since our blog/website is limited on the amount of media it can hold.

Here’s a video of GoSpeed sailing the Flying Fizz in the Sugar Reef sim.

Also here is a video of the dance from the clubhouse on Fishers Island Sunday night.


Posted by: tashakostolany | December 24, 2007

How to Add to the Flickr Pics

Hi everyone. We’re so excited about our new Flickr group feed at the blog here and at our new home at


If you want to contribute to the random feed of this Flickr button, we need you to join aΒ  Flickr “Group” called “SL – Sailors Cove” – it is free. To join you need to have a Flickr account and that’s free too. Β  Here is the link –ΒΒ Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  Once you have a flicker account—

  • Click groups and drag down to search
  • The type in “Sailors Cove’
  • and you will get a group listing like this
  • go to SL Sailors Cove group and join it, it’s free


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